Helicopter flight Robinson R44

полет на вертолете киев
полет на вертолете киев

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полет на вертолете киев
полет на вертолете киев

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полет на вертолете киев
полет на вертолете киев

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Light multi-purpose four-seater commercial helicopter manufactured by Robinson Helicopter , USA.

The helicopter was developed in the 1980s. Since 1999, the R44 has been recognized as the best-selling general-purpose helicopter in the world. In the years 2000-2017, 5,805 helicopters were produced, which also makes it the most popular helicopter in the 21st century. If you have never flown a helicopter, you have a great opportunity to experience the features of the flight. Vertical take-off and landing, comfortable seats, excellent visibility from the cockpit. Robinson R 44, helicopter rides for you!


  • Crew: one pilot

  • Passenger Capacity: 3

  • Fuselage Length: 9.06 m

  • Length with screw: 11.75 m

  • Rotor Diameter: 10.04 m

  • Height: 3.27 m

  • Wing Area: 15 m2

  • Maximum take-off weight: 1089 kg

  • Powerplant: Lycoming O-540 or IO-540 (injector)

  • Power max .: 260 l. with.


Flight characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 240 km / h

  • Cruising speed: 20 km / h

  • Flight range: 650 km



1 - 3 passengers


500 meters


Gogolev village


Mon - Sun from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. *

How to book a flight?

Time and route

Select your flight time or flight march.


Fill out the order form.
Our manager will contact you to confirm the order and clarify details.


Arrive at the airport at the appointed time.


Carry out a scheduled flight.

Gift Certificate


Order a gift certificate - “Robinson R 44 Helicopter Flight.” The certificate makes it possible to fly a helicopter over the city of Kiev or along the route specified in the certificate.

Give an unforgettable feeling of flying to your loved ones!


How to order a certificate:


  • fill out and submit the order form (we will contact you and discuss all the details in detail)

  • or call us by phone:

+38 068 127 63 37 , +38 050 260 66 78

Have a nice flight :)