Romantic flight by plane in Kiev

In our life, we all want to experience the maximum of unforgettable vivid impressions. And living positive emotions together is many times more pleasant. If you want to visit the sky together, feel the joy of soaring in the clouds, diversify your dates, then by all means use our service - a romantic plane flight for two.

You will love the wonderful feeling of being disconnected from reality. At 1000 meters, the land is far away, and all earthly worries suddenly become so tiny ... and then, completely unexpectedly, you have a real view from above of our life. Soft clouds, delightful landscapes and a loved one nearby, probably, this is how another beautiful love story begins. You can make your unforgettable flight on our comfortable plane, which develops a speed of up to 250 km/h. Overtaking the clouds, you will be able to confess to your soul mate the most important thing, and it will not look trivial.

For your romantic date over Kiev, you can choose:

  • Airplane;

  • Route;

  • Flight time;

  • Order video filming;

  • And even take a small bottle of champagne with you.

A romantic flight for two is like a breath of fresh air, a unique gift that will make your couple happier, enjoy each other and remember the date forever. Book your flight by phone +38 (068) 127 63 37


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