Flights by plane in Kiev in autumn

Climb to the height of a bird's flight, feel the clouds overhead very close, and underfoot - landscapes that make the heart beat faster ... What could be more romantic?

But many people think that in autumn, with the appearance of thick clouds and cooling, the flight season ends and it is better to wait until late spring or summer. And, as a result, they miss the period most enchanting with its beauty.

You will find the best view from above on the incredible colors of autumn. And rising to the height, you can almost "touch" the divine beauty of the clouds, after meeting with which you will always look at the sky with nostalgia. You will then want to return to heaven again and again.

The most "top" autumn flight route in Kyiv is a flight over Mezhyhirya and the Kyiv Sea. A flight in which you can appreciate all the beauty of autumn, while being in the role of co-pilot. Flight cost to Mezhyhirya:

  • Cessna 172 (2 passenger seats) - 30 minutes. 4200 UAH.

  • Cessna 182 (3 passenger seats) - 25 minutes. 4000 UAH.

  • Piper PA28 (3 passenger seats) - 40 minutes. 5200 UAH.

  • AI-10 (1 passenger seat) - 30 minutes. 2700 UAH.

Be sure to book your flight in advance so that there are seats on the desired date. Our phone: +38 (068) 127 63 37


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