Flight by plane over Kiev, Mezhyhirya and the Kiev Sea

Do you dream of making an incredibly colorful autumn walk, combining it with a tour and piloting an airplane? Light! Here you can fly some of the best cruise aircraft in its class. where the large windows allow you to fully enjoy the scenery and take beautiful photos from a height.

During the flight, one of the participants under close supervision can take control and test himself as a pilot. In the route "Chaika - Mezhyhirya Aerofield" you will be able to see the panorama of the city of Kyiv, fly along the Dnieper, Mezhyhirya National Park, Kyiv Sea, Kyiv HPP.

Flight cost to Mezhyhirya from Chaika airfield: - Cessna 172 (2 passenger seats) - 30 minutes 4200 UAH. - Cessna 182 (3 passenger seats) - 25 minutes 4000 UAH. - AI-10 Icarus (1 passenger seat) - 30 minutes. 2700 UAH. Be sure to book your flight in advance so that there are seats on the desired date. Our phone: +38 (068) 127 63 37


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