Flight by plane from Kiev to the Flooded Church

The flooded church near Rzhishchev is a place worth seeing at least once in your life! And you have such an opportunity! The white temple with golden domes right in the middle of the Dnieper is an amazing and mystical sight. The streets of the lost village of Gusintsy are hidden under a layer of dark water. And around - the Dnieper hills with the remains of the oldest Trypillian settlements, ancient Russian settlements and traces of bloody battles.

During the construction of the Kanevskaya hydroelectric power station, several villages near Rzhishchev were flooded. Gusintsy became one of them. The entire village disappeared under the water column, and the church miraculously survived, most likely because it was on a hill. So it ghostly rose among the waters of the Dnieper and gradually collapsed, but even in this state, the Savior on the Water attracted tourists.

You can take an introductory flight to the Flooded Church on the following planes:

  • Atec 321 Faeta - from UAH 4800 (1 passenger seat)

  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk - from 6500 UAH. (2 passenger seats)

  • Cessna 182 Skylane - from 7800 UAH (3 passenger seats)

  • Piper PA 28 Cherokee - from 7200 UAH. (3 passenger seats)

Be sure to book your flight in advance by phone: +38 (068) 127 63 37


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