Flight by plane over Chernobyl

Полет на самолете в Чернобыль
Полет на самолете в Чернобыль

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Полет на самолете в Чернобыль
Полет на самолете в Чернобыль

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Полет на самолете в Чернобыль
Полет на самолете в Чернобыль

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A fascinating journey by plane to the exclusion zone! The survey part of the flight begins with the Kiev reservoir. The flight route passes through the settlements: Yasnogorodka, Sukholuchcha, Strakholisya, Chernobyl and many others. Flying at a low altitude, you can get acquainted in detail with the abandoned city of Chernobyl. Then the plane flies directly to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. You will see a nuclear power plant and the consequences of an accident. And of course you will have the opportunity to pilot the aircraft yourself *. Flying over Chernobyl is a great way to make a sightseeing, spectacular tour with the ability to learn the basics of flying an aircraft. The flight duration is 2 hours. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

The flight is available as a gift certificate.


* Self-piloting is possible only with permission and under the control of the pilot.


  • Crew: one pilot

  • Passenger Capacity: 1-3


Flight characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 200 km / h

  • Flight height: 500 meters

  • Length of route: 300 km



1 - 3 passengers


500 meters


Gogolev and Chaika Airfield


Mon - Sun daylight hours

How to book a flight


Choose a plane, date and time of flight


Fill out and submit the order form.
Our manager will contact you to confirm the order and clarify details.


Arrive at the airport at the appointed time.


Carry out a scheduled flight.

Gift Certificate

Подарочный сертификат на полет на самолете в Киеве

Order a gift certificate - “ Flight by plane over Chernobyl .” The certificate makes it possible to fly on a plane and pilot the aircraft *.

Give an unforgettable feeling of flying to your loved ones!


How to order a certificate:


  • select: airplane and number of flight minutes

  • fill out and submit the order form (we will contact you and discuss all the details in detail)

  • or call us by phone:

+38 068 127 63 37 , +38 050 260 66 78


* Independent piloting of an aircraft is possible only under the control of our pilot.

Have a nice flight :)