How to fly a plane?


There are two ways to learn how to fly a plane: the first way is trial and error, thanks to which after some time you will understand how to do this and continue to do the same in the future, based solely on intuition. But the second way is much simpler and better - to figure out what exactly needs to be done - and build a logical chain of conscious actions: understanding how the plane reacts to control, you will not only simplify your flight, but also protect it.

Driving the Force


Flying in itself is a very complex "phenomenon." Flying is already the end result of a multitude of interacting variables that influence each other in an extremely miraculous way and lose their properties when these relationships are destroyed. It is a multilayered, mutually interwoven system of physical laws and human experience. And in order to understand this complex system, we must understand the essence of the work of all its components separately, and only then - in a single mechanism.


Energy - what do we know about it


-You know that you can buy a used plane at the price of an inexpensive sports car. -Well, what's the catch? -In the fact that, having accelerated by car to 120 km / h while trying to pull the steering wheel, nothing interesting will happen.


Aviation terminology


As you know, you cannot talk about anything without agreeing on the terms with which we will operate. When flying on an airplane, there is such a terminology, and it is quite specific. The main terms are:

полет на самолете киев